Greek Privatization Agency Plans

Greek privatization agency plans to finalize seven transactions in 2016, including expected revenues of EUR 2.5 billion. Euros. Funds from them will go to reducing the Greek debt, the newspaper reported, cited by BTA.

Following the recent transaction with a concession of 14 regional airports in the German company Fraport and after the expected sale of 67 percent stake in the port of Piraeus to the Chinese Cosco in January, the agency plans to accelerate and deal Ellinikon old airport near Athens.

Against this background, the agency assessed as strong Russian interest in the privatization of the Greek railway TRENOSE operator. Expected timetable for bids in this transaction to be extended until the end of February.

In the privatization program of the Greek government appear more hotel complex Asteras, a transmission company Admie, Athens International Airport, Thessaloniki Port and the golf course in Afandou Bay on the island of Rhodes.

Significantly more Russian and German tourists also expects the country in 2016, according to Deutsche Welle (DW).

Egypt and Turkey until recently were the most popular destinations for Russian tourists. After the overthrow of the Russian fighter of the Turkish Airlines crash of the Russian passenger plane on the Sinai Peninsula in October, however, it is believed that Russian tourists will choose Greece as an alternative holiday destination next year.

According to DW two million tourists mainly from Germany and Russia will come to Greece in 2016

Total 4.5 million. Russians, however, visit Turkey and Egypt will not go to Turkey because of the significantly higher prices. Furthermore, the weak ruble will make many Russians not to go abroad in 2016

German tour operators offer more hotels and holiday packages to Greece for 2016 compared to 2015. This is contrary to the pessimistic forecasts of the Greek tourism industry, according to which the refugee crisis will adversely affect tourism.